Are you looking to buy Luxury Hand Knitted Accessories? Then you have come to the right place. My name is Rebecca Ward and I’m an obsessive knitter and tea drinker.

Rebecca-ward-knit1tea1 I sell hand knit accessories using luxury natural fibres; silk, cashmere, mohair, cotton to name a few. These are all hand knitted by myself. I also offer a custom made service so I can provide you with the perfect accessory to match your style and colour choice.

“The lovely yoga socks you made keep my feet so warm during the first part of my yoga session, I end up sometimes taking them off as the natural fibres really keep them like toast. They are are a wonderful colour and I would recommend them to anyone who does yoga in an air-con room which is cool” Norma Leppard

How the idea came about

Whilst holidaying in Australia in the Christmas of 2012 I was taken to the beautiful town of Sassafras, where I visited a most wonderful Tea Shop (over 300 types of Tea) and a beautiful yarn shop. Standing there, absorbing the surrounding area I realised that I would one day love to run my own Knitting and Tea shop. The idea of Knit 1 Tea 1 was born.

I firmly believe that being creative in whichever way you enjoy and living in the moment will bring true happiness to your life.


I love sharing food around a table of friends, because I live away from my family this is especially important for me to do. I will share my super recipes, tried, tested and loved by my friends with you. With the cost of living increasing, staying at home and eating good food with friends makes so much sense. My belief is we all should be eating real food, not food which is over processed, full of chemicals and sugar. Food made with real ingredients with am emphasis on low sugar and no white carbs.

Do you like to knit too?

If the creative side of you loves to knit then I will love to share my obsession with you, I will be creating patterns inspired by this wonderful country I live in. If you live here too or are coming for a holiday and would like to learn the craft, please get in touch. If you would like to spend some quality time with your children being creative then I also offer parent / child lessons.


I try to follow a Zen way of life, appreciating every day and every moment, whatever I may be doing. Of course I don’t always succeed, but I will keep on trying and I will share the everday beauty I see here in Sri Lanka with you.


I have been knitting for about 25 years and am currently studying a Level 3 City & Guilds in Hand Knit Textile Design.

I have worked as a Pattern Technologist since 2002 and for the last 8 years I have specialised in Lingerie, which I love for its intense requirement of attention to detail and achieving the correct fit across all the sizes.

I had a super time in London when I left University to go and study a Post graduate in Innovative Pattern Cutting from Central St Martins. I visit London every time I go back to the UK to absorb the wonders and creativity which is there in abundance.

I completed a Fashion and Textiles BA (Hons) degree from Lincoln De Montfort University, where in my last year I realised I wanted to pursue a career in Pattern Technology and my life journey to Sri Lanka began.


Living in this tropical environment has definitely influenced my knitting, I have developed a love for Lace knitting – Shawls are a must in these air conditioned buildings! And without the need for jumpers I have turned to accessories, for me something must always be on my needles and the next item already planned. With the beautiful surroundings, all the colour and texture of Sri Lanka, it is impossible not to be inspired!

Thank-you for reading, if you haven’t yet taken a look, head over to my Shop to take a look at the beautiful knitwear I have for sale.

Look forward to seeing you around, take care, Rebecca.