Hand Knit Lace Shawls

As you can see, I do love to hand knit a lace shawl! The lime shawl was my first introduction to lace knitting, knitted on size 5 1/2mm needles and I haven’t stopped since, the size of the needles has somewhat reduced though!

I have knitted many shawls from Victorian Lace today and have nearly ran out of ones to knit which is what has prompted me to start designing my own, exciting times ahead!

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6 thoughts on “Hand Knit Lace Shawls

    1. Hello Suwenrathnayake,
      Sorry for such a delay in responding, I have been moving around the world! Let me know if you are still interested. I can bring the items to Sri Lanka as I visit there often.
      Thanks and take care,

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